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SECRET SINS - A God-Inspired Poem

SECRET SINS (Tell my acts, not my secrets)
“Hey! See that brother; he’s just too devoted,
I should call him the P.A to the Holy Spirit.
Such a wonderful brother, to be candid;
And with the world, he doesn’t affiliate.

Now, take a look at that sister over there,
From her appearance and modesty, you could tell
That things of the world don’t seem to move her;
So innocent she is, like an angel!”

Well, what if that’s just your myopic view,
In that, true saints are only but a few;
They just might seem not to flow with the tide,
If only you knew all what is inside!


Dear brother, worker, leader, pastor,
Knowest thou not what thou doest in secret?
Never was it actually a secret before,
The eye of the Lord hath already seen it.

Though untold, you were a role model to us,
A perfect Christian you were, in our eyes.
So, the word ‘Christian’ could be ambiguous;
All the while, you just acted in disguise.

Poor brother! What actually took place?
Is it the devil? Or totally your fault?
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The Cry of a Struggling Soul


When I look at myself from within,
I know that in sin I am still living,
And with guilt and condemnation still struggling;
For with the world I'm already blending.

Though I desire from every sin to be free,
My flesh and self implies me to feel the glee;
"God's grace and mercy will forever be",
That it'll ever be remains my helpless plea.

Deep down in me, I know 'tis  not right,
But the tempter makes me feel I'm alright;
And then like a dumb sheep, along I play,
Even though silently within I pray.

Deeper and deeper in sin, I sink,
I'll eventually repent one day, I think;
Resting assured in the lies of the evil one:
"Don't worry, have a little more fun".

Void resolutions are what I make everyday;
"Today I'll get myself out", I always say,
"With fasting and grave remorse, I'll pray";
Alas! I end up living the same old way.

The times when in church I did get revived,
In tears I deter…